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Potty training Top 10 List

10) I hate hate hate the small potties that go on the floor. You can then be potty training them TWICE!!

9) Use a fun character insert to put on your toilet that your child picked out from the store.

8) The average age a child is potty trained is 2.5-3.5 years of life

7) Make the bathroom a cool, fun, non-threatening environment.

6) When it's a novelty to them, is ideally the best time to be attempting this, since they will be excited about it.

5) I do recommend pull ups to help with potty training because it's a good transition to underwear.

4) I recommend the unwritten 3 to 7 day rule. That's when you get them on the potty on the hour, every hour.

3) Obviously, make a big deal about it once they are successful each time, where they might receive a M&M or a sticker.

2) Some kids are just strong willed and will do it when they are ready.

1)Remember Rome wasn't built in a day. No child has ever went to college, let alone kindergarten, still in diapers.

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