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Starting Foods Top 10 List

10) Fruits with letter P make you poop

9) If making your own food, can use an ice cube tray to measure how much to give. Usually start with one ice cube worth to start.

8) If the baby keeps spitting the food out, angle it towards the side of the mouth. Some babies don't know yet how to laterilize the food from the center to the side of the mouth.

7) Use different spoons to see which one the baby likes. Most like the rubbery baby spoons.

6) If needed, mix a food with a food they already liked to get them to eat it

5) If baby rejects a specific food, keep trying. Might be on the 17th or 37th try, and then might be their favorite food.

4) Always do a new food in the AM to make sure someone is awake to look for any reaction

3) Wait 72 hours before trying a new food

2) Get the video camera out

1) Most importantly, have fun!

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